Franciscan Tweets

Boom! Seven new additions!!!

Now we’re cooking.

The home page has also been updated to provide some detail about what’s on the site to help new visitors find their way around.

Here are the newest sites:

FranciscanMom – Held together by the grace of God, coffee and crazy glue.

Portiuncula: the Little Portion – The Portiuncula, located in the Diocese of Steubenville, is home to the Franciscan Lay Apostolate. We are humbly committed to imitating the Gospel life of Christ, and observing the Sacraments.

Franciscanized World – Blog of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity

Franciscan Life – My blog describes my life as a Sister of St. Francis, talks about some of my interests, and shares views on justice issues.

An Ambassador for Christ – This is a blog dedicated to the God of Love, the Love of God, and to theology, philosophy, life, and the pilgrimage of faith. By Fr. Christopher Gaffrey, ofm, a Franciscan Friar with the Province of the Immaculate Conception.

The friends of St Francis  -This is an open community of people who wish to follow Jesus Christ in the footsteps of St Francis of Assisi . Pax Et Bonum !!

Beads of Joy – This is a place where the “Rosary-Man-Jim” gets to blog each day about either the days gospel, or other gospel or scriptual related Rosary reflections topics.

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