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March 22nd – 11 new sites…

Friar Rick’s Blog Reflections on how life and faith come together. I am a Conventual Franciscan Friar and pastor of the Franciscan Church of St. Bonaventure in Toronto.

Mind Journeys Learning to think as a Franciscan

Heleni Pedersoli’s Web Page Here you will find some information about me, about my life as a librarian, a Secular Franciscan, about my communities, my family, and my interests in art, literature, music and religion.

Catholic Climate Covenant The Catholic Climate Covenant works with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops to share the Church’s authentic teaching on climate change.

Saint Francis Seraph Parish a Roman Catholic parish in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, established by the Franciscan Friars of the Province of St. John the Baptist in 1859, welcomes all people.

Franciscan Friars of Western Canada – Province of Christ the King The Friars have been working in Western Canada since 1908 and have Friaries located in British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

Capuchin Franciscans Province of St. Mary Here in the Northeast United States, the Province of St. Mary serves through any number of institutions dedicated to the service of real human needs and the proclamation of God’s love.

Thoughts on the Gospel of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, For Members of the Secular Franciscan Order This web site is dedicated to propagating the collection of monthly meditations and exhortations especially penned by Father Stephen Francis Sabbagh, OFM for the benefit and spiritual blessing of Secular Franciscans.

Frater, Quo Vadis? I have decided to take “Domine, quo vadis” as a guide to my own discernemnt. I ask, “Lord, where are you going?” I pray and hope to know God’s will in my life, so that I may simply follow Him where He leads me.

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Catholic women religious in service to the world that needs us, living our vocation in a variety of rewarding ministries. We respond to God’s call to serve as Franciscan Sisters in Catholic Education, health care, parishes, urban and rural communities.

Francesco Productions Francesco Productions is a non-profit organization serving the poor and transforming culture.

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