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Pax et Bonum!

Welcome to Digital Franciscans. The goal of this site is to gather together, in one place, links to as many Franciscan websites and online resources as possible. If you know of a something that should be included, please leave a comment below.

Here’s what you will find on each of the site’s pages, all of which can be accessed using the tabs above:

  • Franciscan Websites: This is it, the big list of all the Franciscan websites and online resources (well almost, it’s still under construction) organized by category. There is a list of categories at the top of the page so you can jump right down to what interests you the most.
  • Blog: News and updates. I’ll try to announce new additions to the site on this page on a regular basis. This blog has it’s own RSS feed  and can also be followed on Twitter (@DigFranciscans).
  • The Big List: It includes every link gathered on the Digital Franciscans site in alphabetical order as well as a search box to help you find the specific link you are looking for.

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